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Welcome to Sweepstakes Gurus, your one-stop shop for all things related to sweepstakes casinos in the United States. Since opening our doors, we have been on a relentless mission to give you extensive information on the US sweepstakes casino scene so that you can get the most enjoyment out of your gaming experiences.

Whether you’re just dipping your toe into the world of sweepstakes and want to learn what they are all about, or are a veteran of the industry and need in-depth info, we can help. Think of Sweepstakes Gurus as your pocket companion to the exciting world of sweepstakes casinos.

Our Vision

As Sweepstake Gurus, we want to enlighten players about the wonders of the sweepstakes casino industry and enable you to experience the games, prizes, and social aspects of these platforms as we have.

As the industry is still in its infancy, there is plenty of misinformation and unknowns that people aren’t aware of – Our vision is to eliminate these negatives and replace them with positivity in the form of detailed reviews, informational guides, and comparisons of the best sweepstakes casino features.

We put you, the customer first, and are committed to giving you the most entertainment, while also providing guidance and showing you the way through the sometimes confusing landscape of sweepstakes casinos.

What Gives Us the Edge

We value our customers deeply and therefore want you to trust us and feel at ease using the information we offer. This is partly what gives us the edge but there are other contributing factors including:

Decades of combined experience

Our industry experience is unrivaled and this extends far beyond sweepstakes casinos. Not only do we have years of experience with sweepstakes casinos, but we also have decades of combined experience in the iGaming and sports betting industries.

This goes beyond the professional capacity though and our team is also passionate about the industry from a personal perspective, and most of us are avid gamers and use the platforms we review regularly.

The latest information to keep you informed

The sweepstakes casino industry is continually developing because of how new and raw it is and this means that information can quickly become obsolete. Platforms can liquidate, opinions can change, and new bonuses and promotions are continually being released.

We take this seriously and keep our site and information up to date. Reviews reflect the current state of sweepstakes casinos, expired bonuses are not promoted, and we aim to review new platforms as quickly as possible so you always have the best options available.

In-depth sweepstakes guides

Could we really call ourselves Sweepstakes Gurus if we weren’t all-knowing about this industry? We put this knowledge to good use and make sure that the content we provide to you is in-depth and covers every possible angle.

We don’t shy away from harsh realities too – if a sweepstakes casino isn’t performing or gives users a poor experience, we call them out and our reviews are always 100% reflective of what you can expect from the platforms. We are a firm believer in transparency, accuracy, and truthful content.

Access to exclusive offers and promotions

Our years of experience have obviously allowed us a few perks and you get the benefit of sharing these with us in the form of exclusive promotions and offers. We forge connections and relationships with the best sweepstakes platforms and in return, they give us special deals for you that you can’t find anywhere else. This means that in most instances, you are getting better value for money and a better gaming experience, simply by using our website instead of visiting the operators directly!

Our Team

Our team of Sweepstakes Gurus has years of combined experience and there is nothing we don’t know about the platforms, how they work, and what makes them great.

Each Guru has personal experience with sweepstakes casinos, plays the games, spends the coins, and uses the promotions – We are primarily experts but are also enthusiasts at heart and we want our passion for the industry to shine just as much as our knowledge. You can find out more about our team here.

Sweepstakes Casino Reviews You Can Trust

We pride ourselves on the quality, depth, and accuracy of our sweepstakes casino reviews and look at a range of vital factors that contribute towards your enjoyment, security, and accessibility, including:

  • Trust
  • Game Selection
  • Virtual currencies
  • Promotions
  • Redemptions
  • Customer support
  • Reputation

No stone is left unturned and the reviews are formulated through extensive testing – not just from 5 minutes playing the games. Our Gurus inspect the platforms inside out.


Sweepstakes casinos are yet to be regulated by an official authority. The model they employ is legit, as long as they implement it correctly. This involves offering sweeps play for free, regular promos, virtual currencies, using the correct terminology, and more. If a casino fails to comply with sweeps rules, we will make sure you know it.

To ensure you are safe we look beyond the surface too, checking who owns the sweepstakes casino, if the company is legit, and whether they have the capital to cover any big wins.

Game Selection

Most people play at sweepstakes casinos for fun, so the game variety is high on our list of features when creating reviews. We look at the main game categories, the software developers, the variety of games within each category, and the overall enjoyment factor we think you will gain.

Virtual Currencies

Sweepstakes casinos typically use two virtual currencies instead of real money – gold coins and sweeps coins. We find out everything there is to know about these currencies including how to obtain them, minimum playing rates on games, redemptions, and coin package value for example.


We believe every sweepstakes casino should provide promotions to their customers that give real value and allow US players to enjoy the platforms without a purchase. To that end, we look at the initial welcome offer you get for registering an account, but also daily login rewards, VIP programs, and other seasonal promotions.


Most sweepstakes platforms give you the ability to redeem the premium currency (usually SC) as either real money prizes or gift cards. We want full transparency on these functions and thus always find important factors like the exchange rate, minimum redemption amount, and any other terms and conditions that could affect this process.

Customer Support

Customer support is vital in any online platform but especially so with sweepstakes casinos where real money purchases are involved. We actively test the customer support methods such as live chat and email, and see how useful things like FAQ sections and help centers are to see how easily you can get help if you have a problem.


We also consider outside reputation and what the general consensus is on the individual sweepstakes platforms. This is to prevent bias, tunnel vision, or one-sided info. We look at the whole picture and look at things like customer reviews to see if there are any negative experiences people have had and their validity.

Finding the Best Sweepstakes Casino Games and Promos

Not only do we review the best sweepstakes casinos, but we delve into the games and promotions too. For the games, we look at a range of important factors including variety, accessibility, the software developer, and RTP for example.

By using these factors, we can determine which sweepstakes casinos have the best game library and which platforms will give you the best gaming experience. It also ensures you are only playing games where you have a legitimate chance of winning.

For promotions, the core emphasis is on the welcome offer or no deposit bonus – What do you get from X Sweepstake Casino when you register an account? We want you to hit the ground running and immediately have something to play with so comparisons on the number of gold coins and sweeps coins from welcome offers are paramount.

We also check how easy it is to obtain GC and SC such as via a daily login bonus or first purchase bonus so once you have used the welcome bonus, you still have a steady influx of virtual currencies.

Practice Responsible Social Gaming

Although sweepstakes casinos are primarily for fun, there is still an element of gambling and they utilize casino-style games which means people can become addicted. We have a duty of care, therefore, to protect you against this and arm you with knowledge in a safe and sensible way so that you can have fun without risk. We would never send you to a social casino without responsible gambling tools, and we even break these down during our reviews.

When using the reviews and information we provide, please act responsibly and exercise common sense. Also, we always provide information on sweepstakes casino legality so you should only ever access these platforms if you meet the criteria and the minimum required age.

Our Goal

We have explained our vision, but how does that translate into an obtainable goal? Using our expert knowledge and insider information, we aim to arm US customers with wisdom about sweepstakes casinos including in-depth reviews, comparisons of the best platforms, game breakdowns, beginners and advanced guides, and insights on current bonuses and promotions. Ultimately, we want players to understand sweepstakes casinos as we do, and get the best possible gaming experience.

We Strive for Continual Improvement

Although we have years of experience, there is room for improvement, and as we are dedicated to bringing you the best services possible, we value your feedback. If there is a particular feature or article you want to see or feel our website needs some polishing, please don’t hesitate to contact us here – we would love to hear from you. Ultimately, we might even make an error or fail to spot an angle, and we would appreciate your input!

We are always looking to expand our team and business opportunities too, therefore if you are a skilled writer, player, or journalist with an interest in the sweepstakes industry, or are a sweepstakes platform looking for partners, please get in touch.

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the author

Proud owner and guru when it comes to all things sweepstakes. Alex has had an illustrious iGaming career spanning 10 + years, and it is only getting started! He offers a unique perspective, as Alex has extensive experience as a player, affiliate, and business owner. He will let you see behind the curtain and show you exactly how sweepstakes casinos operate and, if you are lucky, reveal some insider tips that will have you drowning in sweeps coins!