Best Bonus Game Slots You Shouldn’t Miss

Slot games can be divided into numerous sub-categories, and Bonus Game slots are arguably the most entertaining of them all. From “pick a bonus” rounds to “hold the spin” games to in-game progressive jackpots, sticky wilds, and instant prizes to the all-popular free spins rounds, you’ll encounter dozens of unique, entertaining bonus features while playing bonus game slots.

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This slot game category is also the most complex one with each game having a different set of rules. If you’ve just dipped your toes into the i-gaming world and are looking for the best bonus game slots, Sweeps Gurus got your back.

Our team has tested thousands of slot games over the past 20+ years, and we know the ins and outs of all the most popular bonus game slots. We’ve prepared a comprehensive guide to this casino gaming category for your convenience, so let’s start with some of the trendiest games with feature-rich mechanics.

1. Wanted Dead or a Wild by Hacksaw Gaming (96.38% RTP)

Easily one of the best bonus game slots, Wanted Dead or a Wild boasts not one but three unique bonus rounds on top of expanding wilds with multipliers and the “Buy Bonus” feature.

The Duel at Dawn is a classic bonus game that awards you 10 free spins, but it also drastically increases the chance of multiplier wild (VS) symbols appearing on your reels. Draw three “Duel” symbols anywhere on the grid, and you’ll instantly trigger this bonus game.

The Great Train Robbery is the second and completely separate bonus game, triggered when you collect three train symbols in a single spin. Once again, you’ll get 10 free spins, but instead of multiplier wilds, all substitute symbols will become sticky for the duration of the bonus round.

The most exciting unique feature of Wanted Dead or a Wild is the Dead Man’s Hand, activated by drawing three “Dead” symbols.

This triggers a 2-phase bonus game in which you get to collect wilds and multipliers with three refillable spins; every time a new wild/multiplier drops, the spin count goes back to 3. Once you run out of spins, the second phase begins – all of the wilds and multipliers you’ve collected in the first phase will be used (wilds also become sticky), and you get 3 non-refillable free spins.

2. Gates of Olympus by Pragmatic Play (96.5% RTP)

Possibly the trendiest slot game Pragmatic Play ever made, Gates of Olympus is a “cluster pays” slot with several distinct bonus features.

Multiplier symbols are the core feature of this slot machine; there’s a total of four, including green, blue, purple, and red. Unlike multiplier wilds, they simply add a multiplier to all the winnings you’ve accrued with the current spin, which can range from 2x to a whopping 500x. You can’t miss them – Zeus is hovering at the right side of the gaming screen and will strike multiplier symbols with lightning whenever they are drawn. Multipliers stack, meaning that if you draw more than one in any given round, they’ll first merge before awarding your prize.

Moreover, multiplier symbols appearing during the Free Spins round will not expire as long as you have any free spins left; to activate this round, you only need to collect 4 Zeus Scatter symbols, which is easier than it sounds due to the tumbling feature.

In case you don’t want to wait for scatters to appear, you can always use the Buy Bonus feature (for a fixed 100x of your wager) to guarantee at least 4 Zeus Scatters with your next spin.

3. Gepetto’s Toy Shop by Nucleus (96.53% RTP)

Gepetto’s Toy Shop is a packed video slot famed for its “Changing Worlds” mechanic. Namely, this game takes place in Geppeto’s workshop, but drawing certain symbols can take you to several “new worlds” where you’ll get to experience unique gaming mechanics and several exclusive bonus features.

The most interesting thing about this Bonus Slot is that its bonus symbols are collectible. Instead of hoping you’ll draw 3 scatters or other symbols in one go, you gradually collect books, trains, and Real Boy symbols, each having a different function.

The centerpiece of this slot is the Wild Scroll. While in the “Workshop” world, it can only appear on the third reel whenever you draw a Gepetto symbol. Wild Scrolls are “moving wilds”, wherever they are drawn, they will move one reel from right to left, giving a free respin on each reel.

To access the “Classroom” world, you will need to draw at least 10 Book symbols over multiple spins; during this bonus game, Wild Scrolls can be drawn on reels 1, 3, and 5.

You will also be collecting Train symbols over the course of the base game. Accumulate 10, and you will be transported to “The Stage” world. This time, the Wild Scroll will cover the entire reel, but it can only be drawn on the 3rd reel.

Real Boy” are mini-symbols that can only appear embedded on Pinocchio symbols; collect 5, and Pinocchio will evolve into a “Real Boy Wild” symbol. Throughout this mode, Wooden Boy symbols will appear under “Real Boy” symbols, and once you collect 5, you will return to the base game mode.

Whenever you enter a new “world”, you receive 8 free spins, all wins are doubled, and you’ll receive an extra re-spin whenever you draw any winning combination.

4. Big Bass Splash by Pragmatic Play (96.71% RTP)

Pragmatic Play’s “Big Bass” series houses 12 unique fish games, and Big Bass Splash is one of our favorites.

The famous “green fish” symbol is the scatter in all Big Bass games. If you draw 3 in a single spin, you receive 10 free spins; 15 if you landed 4, and a whopping 20 if you got a scatter on each reel.

In case you only draw 2 scatters, a hook can appear to “pull” an additional scatter to the table, or it can randomly “swim” to the table if it’s at least one position away from the playing grid.

What makes Big Bass Splash bonus game so interesting is that up to 5 game-changing modifiers can apply to the round. These include more fish (money) symbols, more fisherman wilds, more hooks, “start from level 2”, and +2 free spins.

You’ll frequently see fish symbols (with a yellow background); they carry random instant prizes up to 5,000x that you can collect only during the Free Spins round. If there are no fish on the table and a fisherman was drawn, you may see a bazooka blasting the game table, changing all symbols to random new ones.

Additionally, you’ll retrigger the free spins round whenever you collect 4 fisherman wild symbols. This will take your bonus game to the next level, setting the multiplier on all fish money symbols to x2, x3, and x10 at levels 2, 3, and 4 respectively.

5. RIP City by Hacksaw Gaming (96.22% RTP)

RIP City is among the trendiest Hacksaw Gaming slot machines, largely because it boasts bonus features that can interact with each other.

For instance, the wild cat symbol will always expand to cover all symbols beneath it whenever it can participate in forming a winning combination. If it happens to expand over a “regular” wild symbol, the expanded wild gets a random multiplier of up to 200x.

The Ro$$ Bonus is a free spins round, activated by collecting at least 3 scatter symbols. Similar to Wanted Dead or a Wild, this bonus game will drastically increase your chances of drawing special symbols like the wild cat or regular wilds.

If you manage to draw 4 scatters in a single spin, the Maxx Bonus is activated instead, awarding 10 free spins and changing the way wild cats work. Whenever you draw a wild cat, it is guaranteed to fall in the same position for all remaining spins.

The “Buy Bonus” is more of a menu than a feature. It lists all possible purchasable boosts, including the Bonushunt Featurespins (increased chance of activating bonus symbols by x5), Two Wild Cats, Three Wild Cats, Ro$$ Bonus, and Maxx Bonus.

6. Alchemy Fortunes by All41 Studio (96.41% RTP)

Alchemy Fortunes has a ton of special features, and as a cluster-pay slot machine, one of its biggest draw is the sticky wild – when drawn, it will stay in the same position as new symbols drop from above.

This game does not have any scatters. Instead, you can receive free spins by drawing 100 winning symbols with a single spin. This might sound difficult, but the Magic Meter is there to help you out. You advance it by 1 level for every 20 winning symbols drawn, and every time you do, a special feature will be activated.

At level 1, the Potion Swap is triggered, swapping all potion symbols with a randomly selected new one; during free spins, potion bottles evolve into major symbols before the swap.

At level 2, the Summon Wilds is activated, spawning 3-6 wild symbols on the table. If this feature is triggered during free spins, you get 5 guaranteed wilds instead.

At level 3, all gem symbols are instantly crushed, triggering the cluster mechanic. At level 4, the Alchemy of Wilds will mark all positions where wilds have appeared, transforming any symbol that lands on them into a wild.

At level 5, you receive 5 free spins, reset the Magic Meter, and get to enjoy the enhanced benefits of its special features.

7. Sweet Bonanza by Pragmatic Play (96.48% RTP)

Sweet Bonanza takes you to an immersive candyland filled with fruits, sweets, and bonus game features. Similar to Gates of Olympus and Alchemy Fortunes, it uses the “cluster pays” mechanic, removing the symbols from winning combinations and replacing them with the ones directly above them.

This game is all about scatters. Draw 4 lollipop candies, and you’ll instantly receive 10 free spins. This will also bring an exclusive wild with multiplier symbol that can increase the winning of combinations it is a part of by up to a whopping 100x. Like in Alchemy Fortunes, the wild symbol will remain in place until the tumbling sequence ends.

If you’re unlucky with scatters, you can use the “Ante Bet” feature in two ways. Firstly, you can guarantee that at least 4 lollipops will land on your next spin by paying 100x of your current bet; alternatively, you can double the chance of drawing lollipops naturally by paying 125% of your wager on every spin (togglable).

8. Monster Hunt by BGaming (95% RTP)

Monster Hunt was incredibly fun to play; it has a standard Bonus Game free spins feature obtainable by landing 3 scatters, the unique Horror Respin feature, and the prized Horror Jackpot that can potentially net you up to 1,000x of your current bet.

To trigger the free spins bonus game, you only need to collect 3 scatters. They appear in reels 1, 3, and 5 exclusively, but even if you’re unlucky, you can always purchase it via “Buy Bonus”. During this time only major symbols can be drawn and the feature can be retriggered an unlimited number of times.

Coin symbols can appear during the base game and throughout your free spins. You need to draw six to trigger the Horror Respin feature and receive 3 respins. Whenever a new coin appears on the table, you get 3 additional respins.

On their own, coins can have values from 1x to 20x of your bet. You unlock jackpots by filling rows and/or reels with coins. A Mini jackpot is awarded when a horizontal line is filled; you win the Major jackpot if two horizontal lines are filled, and the Mega jackpot for filling three reels. The Grand Horror Jackpot is awarded if the entire table is filled with coins, instantly netting you 1,000x of the bet.

9. Money Train 3 by Relax Gaming (96.25% RTP)

Possibly one of the most complex bonus game slots out there, the Money Train 3 is also among the most rewarding ones. To elaborate, imagine a game that gives you a chance for free respins whenever you draw a blank? This slot machine does it, not to mention that a randomly chosen symbol will become sticky during this time.

Instead of special symbols, Money Train 3 has special “characters”. More specifically, you will see a range of units like Collectors, Snipers, Payers, Necromancers, Absorbers, Tommy Gun Sniper, Shapeshifters, and combinations thereof. Each of these characters has a different role throughout the Free Spins Bonus Game, which can be triggered by drawing at least 3 bonus symbols.

Even though you only get 3 free spins, the aforementioned characters will ensure you’re getting plenty of cash with each. For example, Collectors draw all visible prize values and enhances its own by the same amount; Snipers double the value of up to 8 bonus symbols; there are also “persistent” characters (outlined in gold) that will become sticky throughout your free spins.

Moreover, combo characters like Collector-Payer will first draw prize values of up to 5 bonus symbols, enhance their own, and then enhance the targeted prizes by the same amount.

10. Dark Summoning by Hacksaw Gaming (96.36% RTP)

Dark Summoning is a tumbler slot machine with gorgeous graphics, and just like most Hacksaw games, it boasts more than a few special mechanics and bonus games.

Throughout the base game, you’ll frequently draw blue wild symbols, but there’s another one – red wilds can appear alongside blue ones, but only in the Trial by Hellfire bonus round. Speaking of which, TbH can be triggered by collecting at least three unholy symbols (red scatters), awarding you with 10 free spins.

During Trial by Hellfire, each new unholy symbol will trigger a special sequence called Fires of Hell. All positions surrounding the unholy symbol will be marked, transforming every new symbol that appears into wilds (with possible multipliers) during the tumbling sequence.

To balance this dark threat, this game also features Will of the Order symbols – blue crosses that will replace themselves and up to 9 other symbols with wilds. Collecting a blue cross and 3 unholy symbols with a single spin will initiate the Rise to Salvation bonus game with 10 free spins.

As long as Rise to Salvation is active, the direction of the tumbling mechanism will be reversed (symbols will now jump upward). Special symbols called Lost Souls will appear during this bonus game, carrying a random multiplier of up to 100x. Lost Souls will gradually move upward by one tile with every spin, Ascending when they reach the top and adding their multiplier to the global multiplier, which persists as long as you have any free spins remaining.

Slots Bonus Features Explained

What makes bonus game slots so fun is that each game has its own set of rules and special mechanics. However, there are a few distinct features that are characteristic of most bonus game slot machines, so let’s explain the most notable ones.

  • Free Spins Rounds: typically activated by collecting the required number of scatters. Some games feature additional rules and bonus mechanics as long as the free spins round lasts, such as sticky wilds or multipliers;
  • Respins: unlike free spins, respins are usually refillable by meeting certain requirements like drawing a winning combination or a specific symbol (e.g. wilds in Dead Man’s Hand);
  • Collectibles: symbols that you collect throughout the game rather than in a single spin. For instance, the Books and Trains in Geppeto’s Toy Shop can activate special bonuses as soon as 10 are collected;
  • Cash Symbols: these symbols usually appear in fish games like Big Bass Bonanza. They carry instant prizes that can usually be claimed only while the free spins bonus round is active;
  • Jackpot Coins: typically featured in “Hold the Spin” and “Hold and Link” games, coins are secondary scatter symbols required to initiate the jackpot round with refillable respins. Filling the entire table with coins usually results in the Mega Jackpot;
  • Expanding Wilds: what’s better than a symbol that substitutes for all other symbols? A wall of substitutes. You can find this feature in games like Wanted Dead or a Wild or RIP City;
  • Second Chance Respin: certain slot machines offer a form of “insurance” if you just barely missed a big win. For instance, the Fairy Respin in Gepetto’s Toy Shop will occasionally respin the reel that you need for a 5x winning combo.

Other Aspects Surrounding Online Casino Slots

No matter how many or complex bonus game features are, they’re just icing on the cake. If you’re playing a good slot game, you’re supposed to make good wins even if you never land a single bonus symbol.

There are a few core elements that can be used to define how good and fair a slot game is, including:

  • Return-to-player (RTP): the theoretical calculation of cash/credits you’re supposed to earn back within a single gaming session, also used to describe the “house edge”. For example, if a game has an RTP of 95%, you will likely have $95 returned on every $100 wagered, losing only $5 in turn. This is calculated over thousands of spins, making it less accurate over the short term;
  • Volatility: this term describes the magnitude and frequency of payouts. High volatility slots pay huge wins, but often shoot blank rounds; low volatility slots give smaller wins, but very often;
  • Betting range: the extent of control you have over wagers on each spin is defined by the betting range. Good slots cater to the needs of both low and high rollers while certain games will only accept bets that some players might not be comfortable with (e.g. only $2 and above);
  • Top win: all slot games have a limit on how much they can pay out with each spin. This is typically expressed as the multiplier of the player’s current bet (e.g. 2,000x).

Why Play These Best Online Slots With Bonus Games

If winning was as simple as “hit a jackpot”, everyone would play slots with jackpots only. The main draw of bonus game slot machines is that you have decent chances of activating one of typically many special mechanics.

Each bonus game feature brings something unique to the table. Whether you’re trying to meet the rollover terms for your bonus funds or want to win as much as you possibly can, bonus games offer some extra flexibility for you to achieve your goals.

Finally, you should start playing online slots with bonus game features because they’re considerably more entertaining than your average 5-reel slot.

The thrill of waiting for the third scatter, anticipating an otherworldly deity to scorch unwanted symbols from your playing table, and opening a chest filled with instant prizes simply feels more rewarding than grinding your way through bland, same-old symbols every spin.


Just like jackpots, bonus games are not guaranteed wins – they’re simply giving you a chance of scoring wins that far exceed your average spins. More importantly, mechanics like free spins will pay your wagers before any winnings are calculated, saving you plenty of cash from the get-go while contributing toward the rollover progress at online casinos.

When you hear the crackling of Zeus’s thunder, you know a multiplier will hit in your next spin. When you collect 10 books in Geppeto’s Toy Shop, you know you’ll be taken to The Stage with double winnings and 8 free spins. They’re not as elusive as jackpot wins that can trigger 0.1% of the time.

We at Sweeps Gurus recommend these bonus game slots mainly because they offer hours of entertainment with an increased chance of bringing plenty of cash home. You can use our links to sign up at reputable online casinos that offer them, so feel free to do so and have as much fun as we did testing these modern slots!

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