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Written by: Ross Timmins

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Review updated: Feb 1, 2024

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For anyone still unsure as to why they should become a part of the Sweepstakes Gurus community, here are our some of the benefits our newsletters provide:

1. News on sweepstakes casino launches

If you want to be kept in the loop with the latest sweepstakes casino launch updates, subscribing to our newsletters is an excellent step. Our experts are always checking for new casinos entering the market, and we ensure we assess their operations before recommending them to our readers. If we list any new sweepstakes casino in our newsletter, you can be sure you’re getting a trustworthy site with great bonuses and top games within the industry.

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Our team is always searching for the best bonuses for our readers, and we have a lot of exclusive offers available through partnerships with top sweepstakes casinos. Our surefire way of getting these exclusive offers across to interested players is through our newsletters.

We always have up-to-date codes for no deposit offers and ongoing promotions, and we share exclusive deals for seasonal events the moment they drop.

3. Guides, Tips, and Seasonal Picks

At Sweepstakes Gurus, we have a committed team of experts who create guides on various games and provide tips to help you maximize your payouts on different sites. Popular guides and tips make their way into our newsletters, so you’ll surely improve your skills as you read through.

However, the most exciting addition to our newsletters is the seasonal picks from our experts. These include picks on the best seasonal promotions (Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, etc.) and top events and contests to join every month. What’s more, we also ensure you have the right game to play based on the theme for the season.

4. Updates on trending games and new releases

Do you want to learn about popular titles among sweepstakes players? Or are you interested in knowing your favorite sweepstakes casino’s new games and providers? We’ll be on hand to provide these details as they become available.

Do note that we only recommend games after rigorous testing from our experts so that you can be sure of slot titles from trustworthy developers offering excellent gameplay, high RTP, and consistent payouts.

5. Get the Latest Industry News

The sweepstakes landscape is still evolving, with new sites and frequent changes to laws and regulations. You can remain in the loop and avoid legal issues by subscribing to our newsletter. Whenever we send out a newsletter, we include details of states shutting down sweepstakes casino operations, new legal requirements to access sweeps casinos, and websites to avoid based on player complaints.

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