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Written by: Alex Windsor

Written by: Ross Timmins

Review updated: Feb 1, 2024

Gambling at a sweepstakes casino is a fun activity that can seem harmless. After all, you are playing with only virtual currencies, so what harm could it possibly cause? Unfortunately, you can just as easily develop a gambling addiction playing in a sweepstakes casino as you would at a traditional casino.

While you don’t use actual cash on these sites, they still feature the same entertaining casino-style games. These are highly addictive, considering they provide hours of intense fun. Fortunately, you can prevent this if you adopt the right responsible gambling habits.

Even the top sweepstakes casinos understand the danger of this happening to players and provide many tools to encourage responsible gambling. In this guide, we will cover everything you need to know about responsible gambling, how to leverage the various tools available, your help options, and more.

But first, what does responsible gambling mean? Let’s find out below.

What is Responsible Gambling?

Responsible gambling, as you can tell from the name, means to gamble responsibly. At a sweepstakes casino, it means playing casino games in a secure, safe, and responsible way. Gambling responsibly means you are fully in control of your gambling habits. You play casino games when you want, decide how much you want to spend, and stop when you want.

Playing sweepstakes or gambling, in general, is meant to be for fun. Under normal circumstances, your time on online sweepstakes casinos should not negatively affect other areas of your life.

If gambling stops becoming fun and more of a necessity, or you find it impossible to control how much time you spend playing these games, it could be a sign of a gambling problem. However, these alone may not be clear signs that you have lost control. There are many other ways to determine if you have a gambling problem – which we will cover below.

How to tell if you have a Gambling Problem

Spotting the signs that you have veered off the path of responsible gambling is your first step in correcting it. BeGambleAware recommends you ask yourself the following questions to determine if you have a gambling addiction:

  • Do you deal with anger, irritation, or mood swings when gambling?
  • Have you ever tried to reduce your betting amount without success?
  • Do you keep your gambling losses away from your relatives and close friends?
  • Have you tried engaging in criminal activities to fund your gambling?
  • Do you stay away from other people so you can gamble?
  • Do you gamble for hours while avoiding important activities like study or work?
  • Do you gamble to cope with other life problems?
  • Have you sold your personal items to raise gambling funds or pay back casino debts?
  • Have you ever loaned cash from your loved ones to fund your gambling activities and were unable to pay it back?
  • Do you have gambling debts?
  • Do you constantly feel the need to gamble after losing so you can recoup your losses?
  • Do you break promises and commitments to fund your gambling?

If you answered yes to two or more of these questions, then it may be a sign that you have a gambling problem. So, what happens if you continue to gamble in this manner? Find out in the next section.

What Happens When You Fail to Gamble Responsibly?

There are many consequences of failing to gamble responsibly, including

Financial Problems

Failing to gamble responsibly can lead to financial problems. If you constantly invest more money than you can afford to lose in gambling, you may run into debt or go bankrupt.

Problem gamblers tend to believe that claiming a big win can solve their issues. But this is hardly the case and only leads to chasing losses, a vicious cycle that tends to result in financial problems.

Emotional Problems

Gambling can trigger many emotional problems, including depression and anxiety. In worse cases, it can cause one to be suicidal, especially when they lose everything betting. Going bankrupt could make players feel ashamed and turn to suicide to solve the problem.

Legal Problems

Players who fail to gamble responsibly may engage in crime to fund their gambling habits. Thefts and fraudulent activities may seem like the right solution for these players. Those caught may be dealt with fines, charges, and prison time in worse cases.

Relationship and Work Issues

A person who prioritizes gambling over their relationship and job will find it hard to maintain both. It can cause a strain on the relationship and an inability to meet the demands of work. Some problem gamblers have been known to lie to their partners and even steal cash from close friends to fund their gambling.

In the workplace, it may lead to decreased productivity and embezzlement of company funds. These habits lead to resentment from co-workers and loved ones, causing a strain in both relationships.

Helpful Responsible Gambling Tips

To ensure you or your loved ones don’t experience a gambling problem, it is best to play responsibly. Don’t know how to do this? We have compiled a few helpful tips:

Play Casino Games only for Entertainment

Playing on sweepstakes online casinos does not require real money deposits to begin, nor can you directly win real money. However, if you play using sweeps coins, you can redeem them for real cash prizes.

Some players may get carried away and start to play on these sites for the sole purpose of redeeming cash prizes. It is impossible to earn a decent living by gambling alone, even in regular online casinos, if you are not a pro. Instead, see gambling as entertainment, and you won’t have a problem.

Create a Budget

Having a budget and sticking with it is non-negotiable in sweepstakes casinos is how you can stay on top of our gaming. Setting a strict budget will ensure you don’t use funds allocated for other purposes to play casino games.

This seemingly insignificant step can save you from lots of financial problems down the road. Once you have spent all the funds allocated for gambling, leave the online casino and resume later.

Set Win and Loss Limits

Top online casinos allow you to set your win and loss limits. With this, you will know when to pack your bags after losing the set amount. Aside from loss limits, having a win limit is important.

While it may seem fun to keep going when you are on a winning streak, sticking with your limit and leaving the online casino will ensure you always stay in control. You can easily lose all the money you have racked up within minutes if care isn’t taken.

Play Only Games You Understand

It is irresponsible to stake real cash and bet on a casino game you don’t understand. You’ll only end up getting frustrated and losing money to the online casino.

Instead, familiarize yourself with the rules of the game and how it works. Navigate to the settings of the game and you’ll find rules on how to play here. If you do this, your chances of winning will increase, and you’ll surely get the best from your bankroll.

Avoid Chasing Losses

This is another important but easily negligible responsible gambling tip. Some players wager on an online casino and lose some cash. But instead of stopping, they keep going with the hopes of winning what they have lost and some little profit.

While this may seem smart, it hardly ever works, and you only dig yourself back into a hole. Instead of winning more, you continue to lose cash and get frustrated. This could affect your gameplay and cause you to make unwise decisions and lose even more cash.

If you are experiencing a losing streak, it is best to stop gambling and resume later.

Don’t Play Casino Games with a Clouded Mind

Avoid playing online casino games when you are excessively happy, angry, or under the influence. These can impede your ability to make rational decisions in online casinos and result in losses.

Moreover, betting when you are dealing with intoxication and anger can worsen your gambling addiction problems.

Get Professional Help

Sometimes, regardless of how careful you are, your gambling activities can get the best of you. In these situations, the tips we have provided may not be helpful, and you’ll need to get professional help.

Fortunately, many third-party organizations specialize in helping players suffering from gambling problems. Top institutions include Gamblers Anonymous, GamCare, and GamTalk.

Problem Gambling Hotlines and Resources in the US

As mentioned earlier, if you realize none of the tips we covered above help, you may need professional help. Depending on your state, you’ll find a resource to turn to. Check out the table below for more details regarding this:

🇺🇸 US State🏛️Local State Resources☎️Problem Gambling Hotline
AlabamaAlabama Council on Compulsive Gambling1-800-GAMBLER
Alaska(Fact Sheet) Gambling & Problem Gambling in Alaska800-478-7778
ArizonaArizona Office of Problem Gambling1-800-NEXT-STEP
ArkansasArkansas Problem Gambling Council1-800-GAMBLER
CaliforniaCalifornia Council on Problem Gambling1-800-GAMBLER
ColoradoProblem Gambling Coalition of Colorado303-662-0772
ConnecticutConnecticut Council on Problem Gambling1-888-789-7777
DelawareDelaware Council on Gambling Problems888-850-8888
District of ColumbiaDepartment of Human Services1-800-GAMBLER
FloridaFlorida Council on Compulsive Gambling1-888-ADMIT-IT
GeorgiaThe Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities1-866-922-7369
Hawaii(Fact Sheet) Gambling & Problem Gambling in Hawaii1-800-GAMBLER
Idaho(Fact Sheet) Gambling & Problem Gambling in Idaho1-800-GAMBLER
IllinoisIllinois Council on Problem Gambling1-800-GAMBLER
IndianaIndiana Council on Problem Gambling800-994-8448
IowaIowa Gambling Treatment Program1-800-BETS OFF
KansasKansas Coalition on Problem Gambling800-522-4700
KentuckyKentucky Council on Problem Gambling1-800-426-2537
LouisianaLouisiana Association on Compulsive Gambling1-877-770-STOP (7867)
MarylandMaryland Problem Gambling Helpline1-800-GAMBLER
MassachusettsMassachusetts Council on Gaming and Health1-800-327-5050
MichiganMichigan Association on Problem Gambling1-800-270-7117
MinnesotaMinnesota Alliance on Problem Gambling800-333-HOPE
MississippiMississippi Council on Problem & Compulsive Gambling1-888-777-9696
MissouriMissouri Department of Mental Health1-800-GAMBLER
MontanaMontana Council on Problem Gambling1-800-GAMBLER
NebraskaNebraska Council on Problem Gambling1-800-GAMBLER
NevadaNevada Council on Problem Gambling1-800-522-4700
New HampshireNew Hampshire Council on Problem Gambling603-724-1605
New JerseyNew Jersey Self-Exclusion1-800-GAMBLER
New MexicoNew Mexico Council on Problem Gambling1-800-GAMBLER
New YorkNew York Council on Problem Gambling877-8-HOPENY
North CarolinaNorth Carolina Council on Problem Gambling1-877-718-5543
North DakotaNorth Dakota Department of Health1-800-GAMBLER
OhioThe Problem Gambling Network of Ohio800-589-9966
OklahomaOklahoma Association on Problem Gambling and Gaming1-800-GAMBLER
OregonOregon Council on Problem Gambling1-877-695-4648
PennsylvaniaPennsylvania Problem Gambling Helpline1-800-GAMBLER
Rhode IslandRhode Island Council on Problem Gambling1-800-GAMBLER
South CarolinaSouth Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services1-800-GAMBLER
South DakotaSouth Dakota Department of Social Services1-800-GAMBLER
TennesseeTennessee Problem Gambling Helpline800-889-9789
TexasTexas Department of State Health Service1-800-GAMBLER
UtahUtah Department of Health1-800-GAMBLER
VermontVermont Department of Health1-800-GAMBLER
VirginiaVirginia Council on Problem Gambling1-888-532-3500
WashingtonEvergreen Council on Problem Gambling1-800-547-6133
West VirginiaThe Problem Gamblers Help Network of West Virginia1-800-GAMBLER
WisconsinWisconsin Council on Problem Gambling800-426-2535
WyomingWyoming Council on Problem Gambling1-800-GAMBLER

How Sweepstakes Casinos Help with Responsible Gambling

Sweepstakes online casinos understand the benefits of responsible gambling and provide many helpful tools to encourage this. Here are some of the top features available:


Top sweepstakes casinos like Pulsz and WOW Vegas allow you to set various limits to help you control your gambling. These include deposits and spending limits that prevent you from spending more than you should on the platform.

In most cases, you can set your spending limits daily, weekly, or monthly, depending on your preference. Setting this up is usually easy, too, and can be accessed by heading to your account settings page.


Sweepstakes sites also allow you to take short breaks from playing on the site. It is referred to as a cool-off/time-out period and is a great way to get yourself together if you aren’t feeling right.

The cool-off period feature prevents you from accessing your account for 24 hours – 7 days and you can find it through the settings page.


The self-exclusion feature is one of the most important responsible gambling tools in sweepstakes casinos. With this feature, you can self-exclude yourself from your casino account. You can self-exclude for a few days, months, and even years.

Once you activate the self-exclusion feature, it typically bans you from accessing your account or creating a new one until the self-exclusion period is over. You can also request that your account be reactivated after a specific period.

For instance, at Pulsz casino, you can request an account reactivation after being subject to a 7-day cooling period. If you are experiencing symptoms of major gambling issues, self-exclusion is the best option.

Instant Account Termination

In severe cases, you can instantly terminate your account on the sweepstakes online casino. Simply head to the settings page and request for an account termination.

Top sweepstakes casinos don’t question this request and allow you to close your account when you want.


Gambling addiction is a prevalent problem that can crop up without warning. The best way to avoid this is to gamble responsibly, following the tips provided in this guide. Failing to do so can transform this seemingly fun activity into a frustrating one, even when playing on sweepstakes casinos.

If you feel you or someone you know is dealing with a gambling issue, we suggest you seek professional help. You can also contact any of the local/national gambling helplines, all of which are available 24/7.

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