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Skillz Games Review

Skillz was launched in 2012 and is a gaming platform where you can play all kinds of different skill-based games like solitaire, bingo, and bubble shooter. You compete against players in tournaments with real cash prizes. Skillz is available in 45 US states and markets itself as a viable side hustle, but is that really the case?

I decided to download some of these Skillz Games apps and see just how easy it is to earn money and what the gaming experience was like. Come along for the ride as I share my experiences battling in Skillz tournaments!


  • Lots of exciting games
  • Can compete against real players
  • Real money tournaments
  • Instant deposits


  • High tournament fees
  • Lack of bonuses
  • Super slow withdrawals
  • Hard to beat matchmaking algo

Skillz Games

Skillz Games Casino Bonus Codes

Skillz gives all players promo codes. If you sign up using a player’s promo code and make a deposit, you can get additional bonus cash. However, you don’t need a promo code to claim these offers:

  • Welcome Bonus – Make your first deposit at Skillz and pick up $20 in bonus cash
  • 2nd Deposit Bonus – Make your second deposit at Skillz and get $10 in bonus cash
  • Reload Bonus – Head to the Skillz Games’ store and see if they are giving away a bonus when you deposit
  • Personalized – Check your emails for special no deposit and deposit offers from Skillz
  • Referral – Sign up a buddy using your promo code and get bonus cash added to your account ($1 for every friend who signs up using your promo code)

To convert bonus cash to real money, you have to play tournaments. Usually, 10% of your entry fee is via bonus cash, and 90% is via real cash. 100% of the prize money that you win, which is above your entry fee, is paid out as withdrawable cash, while your entry fee is refunded the same way you paid. For example, if you enter a $120 tournament and win $200, then you receive $188 in real cash and $12 in bonus cash.

Software and Games

Skillz doesn’t actually produce their own games, instead, they provide a platform that allows 3rd party games to offer tournaments and real cash prizes. Skillz has partnered with hundreds of different independent game developers and has over 800 fun titles to choose from. Some of the top providers are Tether Studios, Big Run Studios, IGAMEBANK LLC, and Grey Square.

Skillz Games

The most popular Skillz game is Blackout Bingo, which is a unique take on the classic lottery game. Blackout Bingo has a 4.5-star rating on the App Store based on over 90,000 reviews. They offer all kinds of tournaments ranging from $0.60 up to $260.

As the numbers pop up, you need to quickly find the matching number on your bingo card and daub it. You get rewarded extra points and boosts for your speed. There are different boosts that add time and let you daub any number on your card. Whoever ends up with the most points after the round finishes wins!

Bubble Cube 2 is another must-play Skillz game. In this classic bubble shooter game, you need to pop as many bubbles as possible. To pop bubbles, you need to combine three or more of a certain color. This game will not only test your aiming skills, but you have to quickly survey the board and predict paths to pop different combinations of bubbles.

They have a great range of real money tournaments ranging from $1 up to $65. You can also play free tournaments for fun.

Some other popular Skillz Games include:

  • Dominoes Gold
  • Cube Cube
  • Pool Payday
  • 21 Blitz
  • Yatzy Cash
  • Spades Cash
  • Big Run Solitaire
  • Block Blitz
  • Big Cooking
  • Blackout Slots

As you can see, Skillz Games has all types of skill-based games provided as standalone apps through Android or iOS. The complete list can be viewed on their website.

Skillz Gaming Model

Skillz is very different from an online casino or sweepstakes casino. How it works is you play different arcade-style games against other players in tournaments and compete for cash to prizes. To enter these tournaments, you need to pay an entry fee. For example, at Bingo Blackout, tournaments range from $0.60 all the way up to $260.

There are different tournaments, including heads-up matches and multiplayer events. When you enter a tournament, you pay for the fee using 90% real cash and 10% bonus cash. Tournament winnings are paid out in real cash except the original bonus cash you used to enter, which is returned as bonus cash. Only real cash can be withdrawn.

Skillz Games Bonuses and Promotions

Skillz is seriously lacking in bonuses and promos, well, at least they do have a decent welcome offer, which you can check out below:

No Deposit Bonus

Skillz does not currently have a no deposit bonus. Instead, players get to play with Z coins for free in demo or try tutorial matches to up their skill before trying actual tournaments against other players.

First Purchase Bonus

When you make your first purchase at Skillz of at least $5, you will receive $20 in bonus cash.

How to Get More Skillz Bonus Cash

Skillz does not give away bonus cash like sweepstakes casinos give away sweeps coins. However, here are some ways to earn additional bonus cash:

  • Special Offers – Check your emails, as Skillz will sometimes send you personal bonus cash offers. These can be deposit and no deposit offers. You are more likely to receive these promos if you are a frequent player. To subscribe to Skillz’s promo emails, go to Account > Personal Info, and check the box that says, “I consent to being contacted about Skillz products and offers.”
  • Deposit Offers – When you make a deposit, sometimes you will receive additional bonus cash. The amount depends on the promo the app is running and the size of the deposit. When I made a deposit of $10 at Dominoes Gold, I picked up an additional $10 in bonus cash.
  • Referral – When you create a Skillz account, you will get your own promo code. When someone signs up using your promo and makes a deposit, you score bonus cash. I only got $1 when I convinced my Mom to use my promo code, but other players have reported getting $10 +.

Promo Codes Terms and Requirements

Here are key terms and conditions you need to be aware of when playing Skillz games:

  • Bonus cash can not be withdrawn
  • Bonus cash is forfeited when you make a withdrawal
  • Tournament entry fees are made via 10% bonus cash and 90% real cash
  • You must be 18 + to play
  • Skillz offers real cash prizes in 45 US states
  • You can only withdraw profit via check in the mail

How to Play at Skillz Games

To play at Skillz, you first need to sign up, which is a very painless process. Follow these steps to power up your Skillz account:

  1. Open the app and hit the menu button
  2. Click create a profile
  3. Select an avatar or upload your photo
  4. Come up with a catchy username and hard-to-crack password
  5. Agree to the app’s terms and conditions
  6. Type in your email
  7. Hit the submit button


At Skillz platform, you can make real money deposits and withdrawals via secure payment methods. Depositing is a straightforward process, but unfortunately, withdrawals take forever. Below, you can see exactly what payment methods are available at Skillz:


You can deposit instantly at Skillz with no fees via Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, and PayPal. The minimum deposit is $5, and you can deposit up to $500 in a single transaction.


Skillz has a strange withdrawal process. If you are withdrawing less than you deposited, then you can cash out via your original payment method (PayPal, Apple Pay, or credit/debit card), and you will receive your money within 5 days. However, if you are cashing out profit, then you can only receive your winnings via check in the mail, and you have to wait up to 6 weeks, that is crazy!

I was shocked when I first saw that, and it really turned me off the app. Who wants to wait over a month to get your winnings, yikes! At least there are no fees when you withdraw more than $10.

Is Skillz Games Legit?

Skillz Games is legit and legal, and all the games have undergone patented testing, which has proven them to be fair and skill-based. This is why Skillz can offer cash prizes in so many states and not be considered an illegal gambling app.

Even though I am pretty convinced that Skillz Games aren’t rigged, could you imagine that scandal? However, I still found some pretty big issues with the app. The biggest problem I stumbled across was the tournament entry fees, which are stupidly high. For example, to enter a 1v1 tournament with a $200 prize pool, you need to pay $120.

The high fees to enter tournaments make it incredibly hard to win real money over the long term because you need to win more than 60% of the matches you play. It gets even worse when you factor in Skillz’s matchmaking algorithm, which very well could be rigged.

Essentially, the matchmaking algorithm is constantly trying to pair you with players of a similar skill. On the surface, this might seem ok, but when you consider the high fees, you can quickly see how Skillz has stacked the odds against you. How are you meant to win 60% of your matches when the algorithm is constantly trying to pair you with strong players?

Where Is Skillz Games Legal?

If you are 18 years or older, you can play Skillz Games and win cash prizes in 45 US states. The only prohibited states are Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, and South Dakota.

Mobile Gameplay

Skillz games apps are available from the Galaxy Store and the App Store. You can also get them on Android, but you need to download the APK file, which I wouldn’t recommend. All of the top Skillz apps, like Dominoes Gold, Solitaire Cube, and Bubble Cube, are well designed. The graphics are on point, and you can easily deposit, claim your bonus cash, and find tournaments. Many of these apps are global and have millions of players, so no matter the time, you can find a tournament instantly. They also have a good mix of low-stakes tournaments all the way up to high-roller events with $500 entry fees.

I had a great time with the Blackout Bingo app. I was daubing like crazy, but I definitely need to brush up on my skills because I tried a few $0.6 tournaments and did OK but got absolutely crushed when I tried some $3 events. I shudder to think how good the players are at the $260 level, they must have ninja-like daubing skills.

I also loved playing Bubble Cube tournaments. The game is so simple, yet I kept wanting to play tournament after tournament. Unfortunately, I found out I am far from a natural, but I’m sure after a few hundred games, I’ll have some bubble shooting skills worth bragging about.

How to Download Skillz Games App

  1. Head over to the App Store or Galaxy Store
  2. Search for the Skillz app of your choice, for example, Blackout Bingo
  3. Tap on the app to download
  4. Click on the app to open it
  5. Create a Skillz account from within the app

Security and Responsible Gambling

Skillz platform does not offer gambling and, therefore, has absolved itself from promoting responsible play. They are even notorious for bombarding people’s social media feeds with ads suggesting that it is easy to win substantial amounts of money every month and that Skillz could be a viable side hustle.

Skillz does not offer self-exclusion or the ability to set deposit or time limits. I also couldn’t find any mention of responsible gaming on their site, and they don’t offer any resources for people who are suffering from problem gaming.

Skillz is definitely walking a thin line because even though their games are technically skill-based, players can suffer from addiction and lose substantial amounts of money. I have come across more than one Reddit thread where players couldn’t control themselves and ended up losing way more than they could afford. Skillz was even recently sued in California with a player alleging that the app constitutes gambling, the court case is ongoing.

Customer Support

You can contact Skillz via the app Skillz via message. To send a message, tap the menu icon, click Help Center, Contact Us, select your inquiry, and then type your message. They don’t offer the best support and took almost 48 hours to get back to me. They should really have a live chat function.

Tips for Playing at Skillz Games

Here are a few little tips and tricks that I have used to actually end up in profit at Skillz. It wasn’t easy, but if you try them out, you should be able to cash out some winnings. Unfortunately, you will have to wait 6 weeks for the mailman to show to receive the cash, but that’s another story!

  • Claim the deposit bonuses – Deposit just $5 and get an $20 added to your account. Then make another deposit and get an extra $10.
  • Specialize in a particular game – I don’t know anything about Solitaire, which is why you won’t catch me dead playing Solitaire Cube, but I do have some pretty fancy bubble shooting skills. I recommend picking a game you like and then playing a ton of practice tournaments before you step up to the big leagues.
  • Game the algorithm – This strategy is slightly high risk, essentially, you need to decide to lose a few games on purpose so the algo thinks you are worse than you actually are. What I did was play after winning a few games at my usual stake, I would then play some micro-entry tournaments and lose on purpose. I don’t know if it worked 100%, but I seemed to get quite a few soft opponents.
  • Spam your promo code around the web – When things get desperate, you sometimes have to resort to desperate measures. Skillz gives you a promo code, and when someone signs up via your code and makes a deposit, you will get $1 worth of bonus cash. I convinced my Mom to sign up with my link, but my Dad told me to buzz off!

Areas Skillz Games Could Improve

Skillz platform needs to drop its tournament fees ASAP! Taking 16% + of every prize pool is straight-up theft. You should not need to win 60% of your game to break even. To give players a better chance of winning, the fees should be dropped to 10%. However, this is unlikely to happen because, despite the high fees, Skillz is still losing money.

Skillz also needs to fix its matchmaking algorithm, which is constantly trying to pair you with players around your level. Skillz should have an open lobby similar to online poker sites where you can play anyone despite their skill level. Again, Skillz is unlikely to make this change as it causes weaker players to lose money too quickly and delete the app.

Review Summary

There is no doubt that Skillz games are fun. I personally played way more Bubble Cube games than I care to admit. Also, I really enjoyed being able to play against actual players in tournaments. This creates a unique gaming experience that you can’t find at online casinos.

However, the big problem with Skillz is the super high tournament fees, which make winning extremely difficult. To end up in profit, you need to win more than 60% of the tournaments you enter. Also, there is a serious lack of bonuses compared to sweepstakes casinos.

📜Skillz Promo CodeNo promo code required
🎁Welcome Bonus$20 bonus cash when you deposit
👑Best FeatureReal money tournaments
🇺🇸 States Available45 (except Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, and South Dakota)
📱Mobile App✅Yes
🎲Games800 + including solitaire, bingo, bubble shooter, dominoes, pool
🔞Legal18 +
🆓Free Tournaments✅Yes
💵Real Money Tournaments✅Yes
💳Payment MethodsVisa, Mastercard, American Express, Apple Pay, PayPal, Check
⏱️Payout SpeedUp to 6 weeks when withdrawing profit

Skillz Games Sister Apps

The biggest competitor to Skillz is Papaya Gaming. This Tel Aviv-based developer offers a range of skill games that are very similar to the ones you find at Skillz, including Solitaire Cash, Bubble Cash, and Bingo Cash.


The minimum age to play at Skillz Games and win cash prizes is 18 years old. This gives Skillz Games a big advantage over online casinos, which require you to be 21 +.

Skillz Games is legal in 45 US states. The only states where you can’t play Skillz Games and win cash prizes are Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Louisiana, and South Dakota.

The sign up bonus at Skillz Games is $20 in bonus cash when you make your first deposit. You can also pick up $10 in bonus funds when you make your second deposit.

Skillz has over 800 games using their platform. The most popular Skillz games include Blackout Bingo, Solitaire Cube, Bubble Cube 2, Dominoes Gold, 21 Blitz, and Yatzy Cash.

Skillz Games does pay real money. How it works is you compete in real money tournaments in different games against real players. If you place high enough in the tournament, you win a cash prize.

Skillz does not currently have a daily login bonus. However, when you make your first deposit, you will receive $20 in bonus cash.

Skillz Games are safe. The platform has been around since 2012, it is owned by a publicly traded company (Skillz) and pays out more than $100 million in prizes every single month.

Skillz Games does have an official app, which you can download from the App Store or Galaxy Store. This app is not available on Google Play.

Skillz Games is owned by public company Skillz Inc. and traded on the NYSE. The company was founded in 2012 by Andrew Paradise, who is still the company’s CEO and owns 2.5% of Skillz Inc.

There are other skill-based gaming apps that are similar to Skillz, including Solitaire Cash, Bubble Cash, and Bingo Cash, which are all owned by Papaya Gaming.


the author

Old school sweepstakes casino player who has been redeeming sweeps coins since Chumba Casino launched back in 2012. Bogdan keeps up to date with the latest game releases, and when he isn’t pumping out exciting guides for, he is tinkering with a strategy. Don’t get him started about the power of the Paroli betting system.

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