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Written by: Alex Windsor

Written by: Ross Timmins

Review updated: Feb 1, 2024

We’re always looking for new sweepstake casinos to review and inform potential players. We aim to give our readers a broad selection of brands to choose from, and your service could end up on our highly coveted top lists. If you have what it takes, don’t hesitate to contact us through this page.

Of course, at Sweepstakes Gurus, we strive to ensure that we only represent the cream of the crop and that potential players have access to reliable, trustworthy, and legitimate brands. Therefore, it is only the sweep casinos that pass our quality checklist that will be recommended to readers.

Our 10-point Quality Checklist

Sweep casinos have to pass our quality checklist before we recommend them. We only represent sweepstake casinos which score highly in the following:

  • A legal service to players compliant with sweepstakes rules
  • Proven ownership and a squeaky-clean track record of fair play
  • A top selection of quality games from established providers
  • Bonuses and promos with no purchase necessary
  • Easy-to-navigate and reliable user interfaces
  • Efficient payment providers with low to no fees and limits
  • Speedy redemption rates and processing times
  • Transparent T&Cs with no hidden clauses
  • Mobile compatibility and ease of access
  • Reliable customer support, with FAQs covering the essential topics
  • Responsible gambling tools

We will analyze your sweeps casino to ensure that it fits the bill. If it passes these checks, then it’ll likely resonate with the Sweepstakes Gurus audience and get you thousands of new users.

Be warned that failure to meet our criteria might negatively impact your reputation. We only present objective data to our readers, so we will say it like it is.

Get in Touch Today

If you believe that you operate a sweeps casino that has a service that is invaluable to our readers and want to be listed on Sweepstakes Gurus, don’t hesitate to reach out to us today. After contacting us, we’ll have our team explore your site, and we’ll take it from there.

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Alex Windsor


the author

Proud owner and guru when it comes to all things sweepstakes. Alex has had an illustrious iGaming career spanning 10 + years, and it is only getting started! He offers a unique perspective, as Alex has extensive experience as a player, affiliate, and business owner. He will let you see behind the curtain and show you exactly how sweepstakes casinos operate and, if you are lucky, reveal some insider tips that will have you drowning in sweeps coins!